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School Meals and Lunchtime Provision Update!

Below are a selection of photos of a typical school meal time at HGIS.  I hope these illustrate both the range and quality of food provided for children and the pleasant environment in which they eat. I would also like to reassure parents of the efforts taken to ensure the needs of individual children are met.  We operate a badge system at dinnertime, whereby the children wear a coloured badge to refelect their personal requirements:


  • Green badge                     = Vegetarian
  • Yellow badge                    = Vegetarian and fish
  • Red badge                       = Halal meat (children may still choose the vegetarian option)
  • Blue badge                       =  No dairy
  • Large yellow/orange badge = Allergies (individual needs are made explicit on the badge

Cook is aware of all children with medically acknowledged allergies in school and caters for them personally, preparing meals to suit their exact needs.

Our school dinners are fantastic!
Dinner portions are a good size!
Vegetarian, Halal, Meat and Fish dishes!
The Salad Bar forms part of each meal!
Fruit and yoghurt are a great pudding choice!
Hot vegetables accompany every meal!
Cook includes foods from a range of cultures!
Healthy fish is always a poular choice!
No frozen food is used, it's all fresh!
Water is available on each table.
Children are expected to use table manners.
Children are encouraged to eat well.