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School Council Minutes 13-14

Meeting Two (11.11.13)

1) Cooking in school.
The children were very excited to learn how to cook and they were glad we would be doing more cooking through the curriculum in school.  They suggested a list of healthy and some unhealthy options and we talked about a balanced diet.  

2) School dinners.
We discussed what we liked and did not like about school dinners and how we could improve out dining experience in school.  The children loved Friday dinners of course and they enjoyed the food we eat in school, however sometimes they were unsure what their choices were.  The school council will make signs to put up so the children know exactly what they are eating.  We have asked each class to feedback to school council about their own opinions of school dinners.

3) Looking after our school.
We have given ourselves the responsibility to be good role models in school by showing others how to keep our cloakrooms tidy.  We will be picking up any coats and bags from the floor and any rubbish on the playground.  We will also be making sure none of the children pull up the bulbs from our flower beds on the playground.  School council decided posters around school to remind the children not to do this would be a great idea. Each class will design a poster to place around the playground.

Meeting One (12.9.13)

The school council met today to be introduced to each other and to discuss what the school council can do for our school and our community.
We have brand new badges for the children to look after so everyone know they are school council members.
We discussed some simple issues in this meeting..

1) Are there any assembly songs we would like to introduce to our school assembly times?
The children came up with many popular artists and songs which we are looking into using so long as they are appropriate.

2) Are there any after school clubs the children would like to take part in that we do not have already.
The children asked for a book club, sea water dance club and a cooking club. We are looking into extra clubs based on these ideas to begin after school this term.