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School Council 2015-2016


To ensure our pupils at Hall Green Infant school have a voice that is heard, school council representatives are voted for by the pupils of each class of KS1.  They bring any issues or concerns they have on behalf of their class to our half-termly meetings where they our discussed and acted upon.


This year’s agenda:



*Introductions of school councillors.

*Find out about what we do, how often we meet and the responsibilities and privileges for being part of school council.

*Discuss any concerns, issues or improvements for the coming year.


The school council children raised 2 issues they wanted to improve. One concerned further development of the school playground. The second were thoughts on improving school dinners. We decided to take these issues back to our own classes to discuss them and bring back all the feedback to our next meeting.




*Decide which charities to support this year.

  • School council voted for Comic Relief, Children in Need and Big Yellow Friday.


*Discuss the playground development feedback.

  •  Due to funding this year any big developments have been put on hold until next year, however we decided to focus on smaller, manageable and cheaper options that would improve our playground. The children have asked for small world toys such as cars, marble run, building blocks, dolls house etc. These have been a huge success. Children are more focused and centred on specific games, new friendships have been formed, children have more confidence through role play and acting and it has changed the way some children play.


*Discuss improvements to school dinners.

  • We were told there will be a meeting between senior management and the school dinner suppliers. The school councillors put together a list of improvements and issues they had ready for discussion during this meeting and will receive feedback in the next meeting.




*Discuss feedback from the meeting about school dinners.

  • The menu is to be adapted and more choices made available. More salad will be provided to allow the children to eat more than what they were previously given.  Children will be given more time to make a choice when standing at the counter and more choices will be made available especially for year two children who are last into lunch.  Signs will be made so children can see what everything is and the menu will be made available before lunch each day so children can view it and begin to decide what they would like to eat. 


*voice any new concerns or issues.

  • None raised.




*Discuss British values.


*Discuss what to do for a logo to show British Values.

  • Children learnt what the British values were and a discussion was had to try to group them with our own existing school values. Some were easier to group then others.
  • School council decided it would be good to have a whole school competition where children designed a logo which showed our school values and the British values so we can display it on letter heads etc.  School council would then judge all the entries and narrow it down to their favourites for senior management and school staff to also have a look at.




*Choose favourite British Value logos.

  • The children looked at all the brilliant designs entered into the competition. Four of our favourites were chosen and given to Mr Lamorte to look at as well as for school staff and governors to decide on the best one, both eye catching and suitable.


*Discuss any new issues.

  • None raised.




*Thank you for help and support this year.

*Evaluation of what this years school council have achieved.