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School Council 2013

Minutes from 17.1.2013


1. Update on new playground sculpture
2. Ideas and opinions of Marion Way playground proposal.


1. The children were shown a picture of the piece of wood that Graham the sculpter will be using to carve the sculpture.  The idea is that the children will be able to see how the sculpture begins as a piece of wood and then watch as it is tranformed into their playground sculpture.


2. The children gave some fantastic ideas for the new Marion way playground proposal.  They wanted equipment and facilities to be all inclusive.  They agreed that it would be nice to have equipment made from natural materials e.g. hoopla, musical instruments like panpipes.  The children liked the idea of an obstacle course or maze and they wanted a cubby hole or tunnel.
The children liked the proposed plans of a new zip wire and a roundabout big enough from all ages of children and those with disabilities.