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School Council 2011 - 2012

Find out about our new school council representatives here and read the minutes of our latest meeting!!
Each class representative for 2011-2012 school council
introduces themselves below.

Scroll down and click on the picture to find out more about them.
Picture 1 Adam 2NJ
Picture 2 Ameera 1NN
Picture 3 Daud 2PT
Picture 4 Florence 2JF
Picture 5 Hafsah 2NJ
Picture 6 Hanna 1JJ
Picture 7 Jai 2JF
Picture 8 Laylah 2PT
Picture 9 Mia 1NN
Picture 10 Mushtari 1YT
Picture 11 Nisha 1TW
Picture 12 Sahara 1YT
Picture 13 Shazard 1TW
Picture 14 Taj 1NN