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RHA - Kandinsky Class

Hello and welcome to our class page.

RHA have settled well into the schools routine. They have been busy learning new things and engaging in lots of different activities. Please have a look at some of our photos :)

Thank You Miss Ambrose. 





RHA end of year class photo :)

RHA Sports Day! All the children gave their best effort in all the different sporting events this year! Come and have a look at their photos :)

The Soccer Aid Playground Challenge!! The children had lots of fun practising their ball skills. They were encouraged to kick, bounce or carry a football around an obstacle course they have designed in the school playground, whilst wearing their favourite football or sports kit.

Royal Wedding! To celebrate the Royal Wedding children came to school dressed as a prince, princess or smart dress. RHA made a great effort with their outfits and they all looked ready to attend a wedding :). We had lots of games, fun activities and we all enjoyed lots of dancing.

Tennis Lesson! RHA had lots of fun during their first tennis lesson! They enjoyed learning new ball skills and having a go at doing tricks with the racket.

Bob Day! We had lots of fun being builders in Reception. We had lots of fun activities outdoors and enjoyed coming to school dressed as builders too!

Our P.E lesson :) We have been learning how to travel in different ways such as: crawling, jumping, sliding,gliding and running.

Here we are wearing our Aspiration T'Shirts for our Aspiration Day.

Here are a few pictures from the Snow Queen Performance :)

RHA Christmas Party! We had such a good day dancing to music and playing party games. We also ate lots of party food and had a visit from Santa!

Christmas Workshop - The children enjoyed making super Christmas cards with our family members. Come and look at our Christmas cards :)

We had lots of fun during Children in Need Day! Come and look at us in our spots:)

Parent Workshop. The children enjoyed their family members coming into school to help them create a lovely bonfire collage. They got very creative using glue, glitter and lots of different materials :)

Reading Meeting. The children enjoyed having a book read to them before the end of the school day by their family member.

We celebrated Diwali with all our friends, we enjoyed making cards and collages of diva lamps.

Come and look at our teddy bears that we brought to school for 'Care For Your Bear Day'. Our value is 'Caring' so we brought our teddy bears to school talk and show them how we are caring :)

Wow! Look at all of our Chatterboxes we made over the Summer Holiday. The children brought them to school and spoke about some of their favourite things.

Here are some photos to show our indoor and outdoor activities.

RHA Class Timetable.