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Healthy Me

Puzzle Outcome Help me fit together the six pieces of learning about Healthy Me to create ‘The Happy, Healthy Me Recipe Book’ Piece 6: Keeping clean and healthy.


L.O - I understand the difference between being healthy and unhealthy, and know some ways to keep myself healthy


Show the PowerPoint slide of the car and invite the children to think about what is needed to keep the car ‘healthy’ and make it go. Take some feedback. Summarise the children’s answers by explaining that in order to keep the car in a ‘healthy condition’ it needs regular amounts of the right fuel, periods of rest, it needs to be used regularly to keep all the parts running, it needs cleaning and maintaining.


Explain that in the children’s Jigsaw lessons this term they will be learning about making healthy choices. Can they see the link between what they said about the car and how that relates to our ways of staying healthy? Draw out the similarities? Can they think of extra things that we need that a car wouldn’t? (e.g.importance of social life, friends and family, relaxation and doing things we enjoy).


Explain that everyone is now going to play a game. In the bag you will have various pictures. In the game the children have to try and guess what is on each picture from the Lead Practitioner’s description. When a picture has been guessed the children need to decide if it should be placed on the More often or Less often side of the room. It maybe they feel the picture should be placed somewhere in-between. If so, this is OK because it emphasises moderation which is an important aspect in many of our healthy choices. After the game have a look at how the pictures have been sorted. Stress to the children that Less often doesn’t always mean NEVER. For example, it’s OK to have treats every now and again.


Activity – Children to design a healthy living poster. Decide what images we can have go around the title.

Purple Blue – include sentences

Green – label for pictures

Red Yellow – images.