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Growing and Learning Together
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L.O To understand that every time I learn something new I change a little bit.


Share the picture cards with the children: Baby lying down, a baby crawling, a toddler walking, a five-year-old running, a ten-year-old skipping. and ask your child to place them in sequence. Reinforce the learning that as we physically grow, we also learn to do more things. Arrange the pictures along the flower until it is complete, helping children to understand that every time we learn something new, we add a little bit onto ourselves, like adding a petal to a flower.


Take the pictures off the flower and go through the process again, this time asking your child things they have learnt that may have changed them a little bit. Add their suggestions to each petal, e.g. learnt to talk, learnt to share toys, learnt to ride a bike. Draw out the learning that however old we are, as we learn things, we grow a little bit.