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If we want to ensure that our children flourish, we need to help them make the best possible start, this involves developing early reading skills. At Hall Green Infant School, it is our priority to make every child a proficient reader. Reading is not only the key to the curriculum but is an essential life skill.


Phonics plays a vital role in enabling children to develop the skills necessary to become proficient readers and independent writers. The ability to decode text through the knowledge of letters and sounds is essential in developing firm foundations for all reading and writing.


To continue to support children with their Phonics at home we are using bespoke audio power points, online reading schemes, videos and much, much more.


Daily Phonics Sessions

Phonics is timetabled daily in all year groups and it is vitally important that you use this time to introduce new sounds, revise known sounds and practise the essential skills of blending (reading) and segmenting (spelling). In Reception and Year 1 learning is differentiated according to the Phonics Phase your child is currently on. Bespoke power points with teacher audio lead the children through the skills of sound recognition, reading and spelling words and reading and writing sentences. Year 2 have daily grammar session which focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation rules.


Daily Reading

Reading is again timetabled daily in all year groups and it is vitally important that you use this time to read with your child using the online reading schemes. Reading books allocated are closely matched to your child’s phonic level and are phonetically decodable.



As a school we follow a structured phonics programme called MONSTER PHONICS. We know that children learn best when parents and teachers follow the same methods. Working in the same way is vital for reinforcing learning.


Information about Monster Phonics

Monster Phonics follows the national curriculum and is recognised by the government as a key resource to be used by schools. It is both fun and engaging, perfect for helping children learn phonics skills as well as supporting parents at this time.


What is Monster Phonics?

Monster Phonics makes learning to read and spell through phonics easier, by categorising the 44 sounds into 10 categories and each of these 10 categories are represented by a Monster.  Each Monster is a different colour, and this colour represents that way of spelling the sound.  This makes learning to read and spell much easier and more fun. The child learns through the assignment of colour and the linkage of the sound, as well as seeing the colour, creating more ways of remembering the spelling. Your teacher will be using games, songs and activities that continuously reflect this way of learning, so that structure is constantly seen, heard and experienced by your child. This consistency is critical in ensuring that a complicated language is learnt in the most simplistic way. Here is a brief introduction to Monster Phonics and an opportunity to meet the monsters!


Introduction to Monster Phonics

To help support learning at home, parents will have access to Monster Phonics for the remainder of this term. You will be able to open all resources within the programme and access direct links from school for the sounds/phonemes being taught on the Year Groups home learning page.

Teachers will provide links in Power Points or directly on the learning page to songs or stories related to the sound/phoneme being taught. To access these you can click on the link and then you will need to login using the details below.



Free Monster Phonics Resources for Parents



Ideas for learning spellings






Information about phonics


Here are some more useful videos

Monster Phonics Actions

This video teaches the actions for each of the long vowel sounds, the tricky letters, the silent letters and the phonetic letters.

Pure Speech Sounds

Use this video to teach the initial pure speech sounds.