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Phase 4


Download the PowerPoint to review the Reception HFWs.


1. Model Story Sequencing. Print out and make a copy of the Goldilocks story. Some of the pages are not in the right order. Read the first page. Where would this go in the story? Repeat with the final page. Create and order your own book.

2. Read and sequence the pages, which are then fastened together. 

 Follow-Up Activity – HFW Bingo

Download the HFW Bingo. Play in groups of 3 to 5. One player is the bingo caller and everyone else is a player and has a bingo card. Place the bingo cards face-down on the table. The bingo caller reads a word from the list. If a player has this word, they cover it up with one of the monster counters. The winner shouts bingo when they have covered all of their words.