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Phase 3

Sound Practise

Let's start by practising all the sounds you already know.

Remember to say each sound once and do the action.

Use the PowerPoint below to get started...

Today we are learning the new digraph er.

er is a Tricky Witch digraph so it is written in gold.

Tricky Witch has cast a magic spell on the digraph ur and changed it into er but it still makes the same sound!

Use PowerPoint below to practise reading and writing er words.

Remember to use robot arms.

Reading Sentences

Now its time to read some sentences.

Remember to use your phonics to read each word and then go back to the beginning of the sentence each time.

Use the PowerPoint below...

Sentence Writing

Encourage your child to say the sentence several times, then count the number of words in the sentence. Encourage them to use their phonics to help spell each word in turn.

Don't forget finger spaces and a full stop.

Use the PowerPoint below...

Phase 3 Practise Sheets (Please choose which you would like to complete)

'er' Words | Phonics Phase 3