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Welcome to Nursery


Nursery is your child’s first exciting step as they begin their school journey. 

Our main aim during the initial weeks is to ensure that each child feels safe, settled and secure where they can develop positive relationships with those around them. By the end of the first term you’ll be amazed by their confidence and abilities.

Miss Goulding (teacher) and Miss Sims (teaching assistant)

NURSERY 2017-18


Nursery Afternoon - VAN GOGH STARRY NIGHT

Our First Week in Nursery 2017-18

Getting to know a new setting and each other.

Making new relationships with adults and children.
Making new friends.
Taking part in activities.
Having fruit during 'snack' time.
Exploring the outdoor area.
Concentrating on a task.
Enjoying ourselves!
Having some quiet time!

The EYFS staff know and understand that children learn rapidly through rich opportunities, where they explore, investigate and discover. Our topic based curriculum provides activities that are engaging, meaningful and fun.  We provide many hands on experiences and with the right balance of challenge and support. We encourage the children to be actively involved in a range of memorable learning experiences which promote creativity, independence and enjoyment.


In Nursery we delight in encouraging each child to flourish and grow, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

Who am I?

Autumn first half term

We had fun making funny faces.
The talcum powder helped to dry the baby.
Putting a baby's nappy on is tricky!
A baby came to visit.
Mark making in talcum powder was exciting.
Making faces from natural materials.
We had fun guiding the pushchairs around the cones
We sorted the people into groups.
The babies were really clean after their bath.
We built a house from building blocks.
Some houses were very tall.

A visit from somebody special!

During the week beginning 25th September we had a very special visitor come into Nursery.  A baby came to see us so that we could find out and learn more about the 'life of a baby'.  All the nursery children were excited and enjoyed interacting with the baby. 

Let's Celebrate!

Autumn second half term

A wonderful birthday cake.
How many candles are on this cake?
How many cakes are there?
Using tweezers to pick up pom poms was tricky!
Counting out candles for the numbered cakes.
Making music with the pots and pans.
All dressed up for a party!
Practising our mark making skills.
Setting the table for a party.
Making cupcakes out of play dough.
Ordering the numbered birthday cards.
Making a birthday cake collage.
Making a cake in the sand.

Children in Need Day

Making a cake for Pooh Bear

Christmas Jumper Charity Day - Fundraising for Save the Children charity

Christmas workshop for parents and their children

Wheels, wings and water

Spring first half term

We made tools from Duplo for our car garage.
We have been practising our scissor skills.
We have been practising our pencil control.
Making a car for Mr Gumpy was our challenge.
Sorting the transport by colour.
A great car mechanic!
Controlling the remote control cars was fun!
Fixing the car in the garage was exciting!
A fabulous racing car for Mr Gumpy.
Looking underneath the car to find the problem.
Steering around the cones was tricky to start with
We made Mr Gumpy's car from large apparatus.
Great steering and control!
Following the path to help our pencil control.
We learnt how to programme the Beebots.
We made the Beebots go in different directions.
The Beebots went forwards and backwards!
We learnt to turn the Beebots.
Making patterns with the car tyres.
We played a dice game called 'Bus Stop'.

Vehicle workshop for parents and their children - 16.2.18

A big thank you goes out to all those who took part in the workshop to create a vehicle.  Both adults and children had fun making wonderful vehicles such as lorries, racing cars, fire engines, dust carts and diggers.  It was lovely to see so many of the children with big, proud smiles on their faces.

A fantastic dust cart!
A great lorry!
A lovely tractor!
A super lorry!
A fabulous digger!
A wonderful fire engine!
A super car!
A colourful racing car!
A London bus!

Rhyme Time

Spring second half term

Dressing up as kings and queens in the castle.
Looking at pattern and size.
Making a repeating patterned tower.
Making different length towers.
A tower taller than us!
A very long tower!
Making clocks.
A repeating pattern using two colours.
A repeating pattern using three colours.
Making different length mice tails.
Three towers of differing heights.
Acting out as a queen.
Pencil control spiders.
Cutting skills.
Exploring different lengths in the sand.
Exploring how to get an object down the pipe.
Which went the fastest?
Collage spiders.
Scrunching tissue paper into tiny balls.
Flushing the spiders down the drainpipe.
Fine motor control to help our pencil pinch.
Fine motor skills are important for our fingers.
Mark making on the castle wall.
Comparing lengths.
Incy Wincy Spider collage.
Incy Wincy Spider.
Scooping helps us with our scissor skills.
Exploring the sheep's wool.
Exploring weight with bags of sand.
Feeling the sheep's wool.
Being curious about the sheep's wool.
Which mouse has the longest tail?
Comparing three lengths.
Book Week: 26.2.18 - 2.3.18
Nursery children dressed up as characters from Nursery Rhymes.  Can you guess who we were?
The old woman who swallowed a fly.
Humpty Dumpty.
Jack from Jack and Jill.
Twinkle twinkle little star.
Two little monkeys.
Little Red Riding Hood.
Little red Riding Hood.
Little Bo Peep.
Twinkle twinkle little star

Who's hiding in the garden?  

Summer first half term

Looking for signs of Spring.
We found daffodils.
We looked in the pond for frogspawn.
We ticked off what we could see.
Did we see any frogs?
We had our very own clipboard!
We needed to be sensible to stay safe.
We saw some pond snails.
A worm!
Looking for spiders.
A slug!
We used sticks to help us find spiders.
A snail!
Were there any spiders on the wall?
Looking closely in the soil for spiders.
Making a total of 8 cubes in different ways.
Adding two groups of cubes together.
Counting out the cubes accurately.
Making different length spider legs.
Making 8 legs for the spider.
Making 8 different length legs.
Finding ways to make 8.
Finding ways to make 8.
Counting cubes accurately.
Making 8 different length legs.
Painting a large spider web.
Chalking the webs was tricky.
Chalking spider webs on the ground.
Working together!
We had fun chalking on the floor.
Chalking spider webs onto black paper.
Pencil control.
Pencil control.
practising pencil control.
Practising our cutting skills.
We cut out spiders to stick on a web.
Our cutting gets better the more we practise!
Practise makes perfect!
A colouring butterfly, can you name the shapes?
Making words with magnetic letters.
Making words with magnetic letters.
Using 2D shapes to make patterns on the butterfly.
Square shapes!
Wow! A symmetrical butterfly.
Counting practise and pegging the number.

A Big Thank you!

During the past few weeks parents have been invited in to Nursery as the session starts to help their own child write their name.  Nursery staff would like to thank those parents who have being willing to accept the offer as this is making a big difference to the child's pencil control and letter formation.

If you have not yet ventured into Nursery please feel free to drop in for 5 minutes.  The children will benefit/have benefited from this wonderful experience.

Splish, Splash, Splosh!

Summer second half term

Cutting skills - making an ice-cream
Enjoying ice-creams in the shop!
Selling ice-creams in our shop
How much will it cost?
Writing down the ice-cream order
Selling ice-creams in the Ice-cream Van
Using PE equipment as props
Blowing bubbles
Using tweezers to pick up the counters
Practical addition
Different ways of making 10
Fine motor skills
Who can blow the biggest bubble?
Scooping out the gem stones
Practical addition
How many bubbles can the fish blow altogether?
Blowing bubbles outside
Exploring the water fountain
Problem solving
How can the ball get from the top to the bottom?
Who can blow the biggest bubble?
Working together
Who can catch the water?
Making bubble mountains
Scooping out the gem stones
Mouse control on the computer
Letter formation practise
Mark making with brushes and water

Soccer Aid Playground Challenge

8th June 2018

Enabling Enterprise Day

5th July 2018

Nursery 2016-17

A new beginning!

Autumn first half term 2016 - Marvellous me!

Autumn second half term 2016 - Let's Celebrate!

Diwali celebrations!

Our Bonfire Celebration
Winnie the Pooh's 4th Birthday!
We enjoyed making different shaped sandwiches.
The jam was sticky!
We needed to concentrate!
It was tricky to spread the jam!
Honey is Pooh's favourite filling!
We decorated biscuits.
Pooh Bear is 4 years old today!
We gave Pooh our card we had made.
We gave him presents we had wrapped.
We sang Happy Birthday and blew out 4 candles!
Our party food was delicious.
We wore hats we had decorated with paint sticks.
We enjoyed our party food.
We gave Pooh Bear the card we had made.
We sequenced the bears by colour and size.
Picking up pompoms with tweezers.
We decorated the tree house.
We played party games!
Spring first half term 2017 - Wheels, Wings and Water!

Literacy workshop Friday 3rd March 2017

Nursery's Literacy workshop was a big success.  This was due to the fantastic children we have in Nursery and the support of our enthusiastic parents.

Everyone had a good time and accessed all the activities to aid the children's and parent's learning about the teaching of early Literacy skills.

A big thank you goes out to all who attended and for all the positive feedback.  We hope to do more of these sessions, so watch this space!

phonics letters and sounds mouth closeup.avi

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.wmv

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with Synthetic Phonics.

Name writing

A big thank you goes out to those who are supporting the children with writing their name.  Please feel free to pop in at the start of the nursery session to sit with your child and practise.  It is really helping! 

Spring second half term 2017 - Rhyme Time!
Tossing pancakes
We made different length arms and legs.
We have been practising writing our names.
Making dens.
Who can catch their pancake?
We dressed up as book characters on Book Day.
We enjoy being outside practising our writing.
We enjoyed making a den.
We have been practising adding two groups together
A lovely spider with eight legs.
A great patterned tower using two colours.
Making patterned towers outdoor.
Making patterns using quoits and beanbags.
A large tower with two colours.
Another great pattern using quoits and beanbags.
Which tower is the tallest?
Who has made the shortest tower?
Recognising numbers.
Fantastic mark making!
Counting the number of bricks in the tower?
A wall for Humpty.
Humptu Dumpty sat on the wall.
Humpty's castle and all the kings horses and men.
Making a Humpty to sit on the wall display.
Team work!
A tall tower for Humpty to  sit on.
Finding a safe and quiet  place to write in!
Working together as a team.
A tower for gorilla to perch on!
Summer first half term 2017 - Who's in the Garden?
We printed leaves for our indoor garden.
We had fun celebrating Vaisakhi.
We celebrated Vaisakhi with our friends.
First we needed to take out the weeds!
We mixed the soil to take out the lumps.
We all enjoyed digging the soil.
We planted our flowers.
We watered the plants.
We dug out the weeds.
We used a watering can to water the plants.
We stacked the tyres to make cocoons.
We wore scarves and moved like butterflies.
We look closely at minibeasts in our indoor garden
Visiting the pond area was an exciting adventure.
What did we find in the pond?
We completed a survey to show the signs of Spring.
We saw daffodils.
We completed a Spring survey.
We looked carefully at the pond.
We needed to concentrate!
We found a slug!
We put our explorer hats on and looked carefully.
We are using a sound mat to aid our writing.
We collected tadpoles from the pond.
We used magnifying glasses to look at the tadpoles
Vaisakhi celebrations.
Making meals for the minibeasts.
Looking at information books.
Finding out about minibeasts.
Following a construction mat.
Painting ladybirds.
A spider made from play dough.
A snail made from play dough.
A butterfly made from construction.
A very detailed slug!
Christmas Play 2015 - We are 'super' stars!
Aspirations day 2016
Spring first half term 2016 'Wheels, wings and water'
Spring second half term 2016  'Rhyme Time'
Book week 2016 Library visit

Parents had the opportunity to accompany their children on a visit to the library.  Everyone had a great time sharing and reading stories to their children.  We hope everyone had an enjoyable time and will continue to access the library.

A big Thank you to all that attended, we really appreciate your support.