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Make music a part of yours and your children's lives and enhance your wellbeing!


Here are some activities that you can do with music: 


Play music every day. Play all different kinds of music and talk about how you feel before and after listening. Talk about how some songs make us feel happy, sad or excited. 

Get up and dance. Move to music around the house or in the backyard and enjoy getting physical and using different body parts to express how the music makes us feel.

Don't be afraid to sing along. Let loose and feel the benefits of singing together.

Make your own music. An ice cream container for a drum and a pencil for a beater is all you need!  Get creative and experiment with music and sounds using different materials and objects. 

Here is some music for you to listen to, relax to or dance to.

Happy - Pharrell Williams

Beautiful Piano Music

Toy Story - You've got a friend in me - lyrics


"Circle of Life" with lyrics for kids!