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Build a Cave

In Learning Adventure today, you will be building your very own cave.




Watch the video below and learn about the activity with Mrs Garrard.

Step One

*Learn what an underwater cave looks like

Step Two

*Create your cave

Step Three

*Share your creation


What do you think an underwater cave looks like?

Use the image below to help you.

Have a go ...


Now it's your turn!

You are going to make your own cave!

Step One

*Tape the flaps of the box so they do not open

Step Two

*Cut a rectangle shape out of your box

Step Three

*Paint the inside of the box blue

Step Four

*Paint the sides and top of the box grey

Step Five

*Dip your thumb into the paint and onto the paper

Step Six

*Stick glue and add sand paper

Step Seven

*Stick glue onto the blue surface and add green strips (seaweed)

Step Eight

*Draw features onto thumb prints, cut them out and stick them onto blue surface

Step Nine

*Make seaweed out of pipe cleaners and add them to your underwater cave

Step Ten

*Add rocks and seashells to complete your underwater cave!

Below is the finished result!
Why not share your super work!
Get creative! Remember to take photos and email them to your teacher.