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Monday and Tuesday

Jackson Pollock


In Learning Adventure on Monday and Tuesday we will be looking at the artist Jackson Pollock.

Jackson Pollock was an artist who used a technique called "drip painting" in his Art work


Drip painting involves splatting or pouring paint onto paper or canvas to create a unique effect.

Jackson Pollock - Animated Short Stories in English

Watch Mati and Dada action paint with Jackson Pollock and end up deep inside a swirling action painting!

Click on the PowerPoint below to find out about Jackson Pollock

Below are some examples of Jackson Pollock's famous Art work.

Have a go ...


Now it's your turn!

You are going to paint in the style of Jackson Pollock.

You may want to do this activity outside as it can get messy!


You will need:








Step One

*Cook some spaghetti

Step Two

*Lay surfaces with newspaper

Step Three

*Pour out paint

Step Four

*Add spaghetti to paint

Step Five

*Splat your spaghetti!

Step Six

*Appreciate your finished Art work



When your painting is dry, you could also add fish or sea creatures to transform your work into a super underwater picture!

Get creative!

Remember to take photos and email them to your teacher.