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Music Monday


Every Monday is Music Monday!

The Veggie Patch (Part 1)


In this lesson, we will get busy at the Veggie Patch. We will use raindrops to help us physicalise pitch and start to read high, middle and low sounds. This lesson's brand new song is one to dance to, so make sure you have plenty of space.



Watch the video below and learn about the activity with Mrs Wright.

Why do you think Mrs Wright is touching her head?
Why is Mrs Wright touching her shoulders?
What type of sound is Mrs Wright making?
Have a go at singing the song - "Rain is falling down" with Mrs Wright!
Use your best singing voice and sing along to "Jobs to do" with Mrs Wright.

Mrs Wright is playing an instrument called a "ukulele".

Can you play an instrument?

Why not share your super work!


*Take photos/videos and email them to your teacher.