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Music Monday


Every Monday is Music Monday!


The first adventure of this unit will take you on a journey around the neighbourhood. You will be using singing games to explore beat, note duration and rhyme. In this lesson, you will take part in the first imaginative listening activity. You will listen to a piece of music called "Promenade: Walking the Dog" by George Gershwin.



Watch the video below and learn about the activity with Mrs Wright.

Have a go ...


Now it's your turn!


You will need:


*Singing voice

*Listening ears

*Body to move

*Something to knock on


Step One

*Get moving

Step Two

*Meet the neighbours

Step Three

*Walk in the park


Can you guess which type of instrument Mrs Wright is playing?
Do you know what this instrument is called?
What instrument can you see in this photograph?
Why not share your super work!


*Take photos/videos and email them to your teacher.