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Investigating Number 10

Today you are going to be learning about the NUMBER 10. You are going to have a look at NUMBER 10 and have a go at practising the FORMATION OF 10. You will be finding out the different ways that NUMBER 10 can be REPRESENTED.

I Can Show the Number 10 in Many Ways | Number Recognition | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the number 10. Learn the different ways number 10 can be represented. See the number ten on a number line, ten frame, numeral, word, dice, domino...


Watch the video below and learn about NUMBER 10 with Miss Molnar.



Have a go at PRACTISING the FORMATION of NUMBER 9. Remember to stick your sheet in your RED book!

Now it your turn to do some SORTING. In the images below you have different representations of NUMBER 9. You have fingersdots in a ten framedots on a dominotally marks, and cubes. Remember to look and COUNT carefully and SORT the pictures into 10 and not 10..

Stick them down onto the right column on the sheet provided below and stick your sheet inside your book!

10 and not 10 worksheet