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Monday and Tuesday

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              Time to get creative...


What can you see in Billy's Bucket?


Write a list (or sentences) in your Home Learning book

Don't forget to use adjectives.  Try to make your sentence longer by joining with 'and'.




I can see a big, blue shark and a red crab.

I can see a shark with sharp teeth and a small fin.



Adults: ask your child to imagine looking into Billy's Bucket (use an actual bucket if you have one).  Talk to your child about what they can see in the bucket, encouraging them to use their imagination and to use their words to verbally tell you.    Remind them that their is no wrong answer.  if your child is struggling with ideas then you could model looking into the bucket and talk to them about the different things that you can see.  

with your help or on their own they can have a go at writing a list of all the things they can see in their bucket into their home learning book. 



Here is the writing frame to use or you can do it straight into your Home Learning book