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Introduction - Today's learning

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Investigating Number 6 


Practise counting your numbers to 10, counting forwards and backwards. Think about where we see 6 in everyday life. Can you gather 6 things from your home and take a picture of it? 

Collect a large amount of objects and count them. Place them in a line and count slowly.

How many objects are there altogether?

Can you count out 6 objects from the larger group?



Look at the Powerpoint below to see different representations of the number 6.


Watch Numberblocks S2 (Six).

Make a Number 6 Poster. What facts do you know about number 6? Here are a few to get you started......


  • 6 is one more than 5
  • 6 is one less than 7
  • 3 and 3 makes 6

Have a go at practising the formation of number 6. Remember to stick your sheet in your book.

You are now going to do some sorting. In the images below you have different representations of number 6. You have dots, fingers, cubes or dice. Look and count carefully and sort the pictures into 6 and not 6.

Stick them down onto the right column on the sheet provided below and stick your sheet inside your book.