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Investigating Ways of Making 5

Today we are going to investigate how many ways we can make 5.                                                                                         

Watch Five Little speckled frogs 

Click on the link


Now its your turn to have a go...

In the Powerpoint below there are 5 frog sitting on a log. Watch what happens when one frog jumps into the pond. Can your child explain what they can see?

E.g. There are 4 frogs on the log and 1 frog in the pond. There are 5 frogs altogether.

Watch again as another frog jumps in.

What can they see now?

E.g. There are 3 frogs on the log and 2 frogs in the pond. There are 5 frogs altogether.

Encourage your child to describe what they can see after each frog has jumped into the pond


Now its time to have a go.

You will need 5 frogs, a log and a pond!

You can print off the board and frog pictures below or draw your own frogs and log and is up to you!

Practically investigate how many ways the frogs could be in the pond and on the log.

‘How many different ways can you do this? You must use all 5 frogs each time.  

Encourage your child to count how many frogs are on the log and how many are in the pool. Ask the child how many frogs there are altogether.



Encourage you child to have a go at recording what they have found.

They could either write a calculation or draw a picture. 

For example, if 3 frogs on land and 2 in water. The number sentence would be 3 + 2 = 5. 

Try different ways of splitting the objects to make 5 and have a go at recording the calculation too. See below for ideas.

This could be recorded in your home learning books. 

5 speckled frogs base board

Look at the example in the image below for reference ....





Remember to do this in your home learning books!