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Minutes of Meetings 


December 2021 


We worked together to work out our Eco code this year which is to :


  • Look after our school.
  • Keep fit and keep walking.
  • Don’t waste electricity– switch it off when you have finished. don't waste water. Turn off the tap!
  • Always put litter in the bin.
  • Remember recycle what you can, re-use as much as you can and reduce what you waste.


The work carried out by the Eco Warriors links very closely with our rights respecting ethos. The articles below are taken from the UNCRC and are covered during Eco Warrior meetings.


Article 12: children have the right to say what they think should happen and to have their opinions taken into account.

Article 24: children have the right to a clean environment.



February 2021 


Children were given badges so that they are easily identified as our Eco Warriors at Hall Green Infant school. We completed a recycling walk around school and ordered some recycling bags for the classrooms that did not have any. The Eco warriors discussed the importance of recycling with their classes. 





April 2021


It was decided that the new topic would be 'Energy'. The committee members held meetings in their own classrooms where they discussed the importance of turning off taps to save water, and lights and other forms of electricity when not in use. The committee members were given a project to create posters which will be displayed around school reminding others (especially  teachers!) to turn off taps and lights. 

Take a look at our Eco warriors posters below:



June 2021 


It was decided our new topic would be 'biodiversity'. We decided to plant some plants in the school playground which help create mini eco systems and habitat for bugs, bees and birds to flourish.