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L.O - To be able to count in 10’s up to 50.


Presentation Video

100 Square

Dienes cut out sheet


Counting DAILY  Present the 100 square splat grid Paint the Squares - Interactive Number Charts (

 Counting in 2s 5’s and 10’s to (HA) Forwards  Backwards  Starting from different numbers, including 0  One more one less.


Spr1.5.1 - Counting to 50 by making 10s on Vimeo


All groups

Children to practice counting 10’s up to 50. Practice counting 0-10 then make 1 bundle of 10. Then count 11-20 then make 2 bundle of 10’s. Count the bundles 10, 20. 2 tens make 20. Repeat with 20-30, 30-40 and 40-50. Use objects in the house to support or use the provide dienes cut out sheet to help. (only print 10 sticks and 1 cubes)


Look at the 100 square and talk about patterns you notice. For example, what do you notice about all the numbers when counting in 10’s?


SEN – Count up to 10. Extend if possible to 20.