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LO – To be able to subtract not crossing 10.


Teaching Slides


Number cards -0-10

Printable Counters

Counting DAILY  Present the 100 square splat grid Counting in 2s 5’s and 10’s to  Forwards  Backwards  Starting from different numbers, including 0  One more one less 

For the next 3 days children build on the language of subtraction, recognising and using the subtraction symbol within 20. The use of zero is important so children know that when nothing is taken away, the start number remains the same or when the whole group is taken away, there will be nothing left. They will also use the part-whole model alongside practical equipment to reinforce number bonds within 20. Remind children that subtraction can not be done in any order (not commutative), the largest number comes first. It is important that you discuss the symbol for subtraction.

Presentation video

SEN – Go straight to Worksheet

Spr1.3.3 - Subtraction not crossing 10 on Vimeo


Purple Blue – Complete worksheet

Red Green – Complete worksheet

Yellow- Complete work sheet

SEN –  Use the number cards. Pick up two number cards and write a subtraction number sentence. Use objects (spoons marbles etc or printable the counters) to make the largest number and take away the smallest number.