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Thursday 1.10.20 The number line   


Starter:  Start today’s lesson with LOTS of counting forwards and backwards using the number square.  Sing the counting song.  Stop where you don’t know the number which comes next. Can you reach 35 today? Challenge: count backwards from 10 to 2.


Learning activities

Go through the learning Powerpoint (or video lesson), stop where prompted and direct your child to undertake tasks on their worksheet. Describe the number line (similar to number track/ruler or measuring instruments, has numbers ordered in ascending order/forwards). Children are to undertake activities from the learning Powerpoint (for example. find number 3 on your number line, find the number which is one less than 9, find the number which is one more than 8, what did you notice about these two tasks?).

Play this game: Use the number cards (numbers are represented in different ways: numbers, dominoes, dice, fingers) to identify numbers on the number line. Child to shuffle all the cards, pick a card, say the number and then find it on the 10 number line. If your child is very confident with numbers to 10, they can work on the 20 number line and number cards to 20 (below) and play the same game.



Blue and Purple- should be undertaken independently.

Red and Green-should be adult led (explaining the tasks) but independently undertaken and written

Yellow- should be supported with materials and lots of explanations from adult.


Challenge – True or False ChallengeAll children should undertake the challenge task.