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Wednesday 30.9.20     Ordinal numbers (show the order of things in a sequence, such as 1st, 2nd,3rd).



Start today’s lesson with LOTS of counting forwards and backwards using the splat square. Now say which is the first number on the number square: the first number is number 1.  Sing the counting song.  


Learning activities

Go through the learning Powerpoint (or video lesson), stop where prompted and direct the children to undertake tasks on their worksheet. During the learning activities, all children are encouraged to use stackable objects such as Lego bricks to build towers which they can then describe. For example: Build a Lego tower made of various coloured bricks. Describe the tower: The first brick is yellow, the second brick is blue and the third brick is black.  When confident with 1st, 2nd and 3rd, children can move onto 4th, 5th etc.

If your child is very confident with their ordinal numbers, as a challenge, ask them to remove, for example, the 2nd brick, to check that they have a secure understanding. Then ask them to describe the remaining sequence, as the remaining bricks will have changed in order.


Worksheets. Choose the difficulty level worksheet for your child according to their Maths group colour.

Blue and Purple- should be undertaken independently.

Red and Green-should be adult- led (explaining the tasks) but independently undertaken and written

Yellow- should be adult-supported with objects and lots of explanations from adult.


True or False ChallengeAll children should undertake the challenge task.