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Tuesday 29.9.20     Order numbers from smallest to greatest.



Start today’s lesson with LOTS of counting forwards and backwards using the splat square. Pick a number and say what is one more/less. Sing the counting song.


Learning activities

Go through the learning Powerpoint (or video lesson), stop where prompted and direct the children to undertake tasks on their worksheet. Choose the difficulty level worksheet for your child according to their Maths group colour at school.  If your child is struggling with ordering numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest, use objects to make each number (for example, you could use sweets on plates), then place the number card under the group of objects, then arrange the groups in order.  This was the children can visualise the numbers. Keep the number of objects within 10.

If your child is becoming fluent and confident at ordering three or more numbers within 10, then you can move them on to numbers to 20; pick three or four numbers to 20, ask the children to write them down as you say them, then ask them to write them in order, from smallest to greatest or from greatest to smallest.



Blue and Purple- should be undertaken independently.

Red and Green-should be adult- led (explaining the tasks) but independently undertaken and written

Yellow- should be  adult-supported with objects and lots of explanations from adult.


True or False ChallengeAll children should undertake the challenge task.