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Monday 28.9.20     Order groups of objects from the smallest to the largest



Start today’s lesson with LOTS of counting forwards and backwards using the splat square. Pick a number and say what is one more/less. Sing the counting song.  


Learning activities

Go through the learning Powerpoint (or video lesson), stop where prompted and direct the children to undertake tasks on their worksheet. Choose the appropriate colour worksheet for your child according to their Maths group at school.  

If your child struggles with the activities, do lots of practical activities: make groups of objects (sweets, teddies) and then compare them: Group A has the smallest/least amount of sweets/is the smallest, Group B has the most/greatest number of teddies/is the largest.

If your child is secure with ordering groups of objects from the smallest to the largest and from the largest to the smallest/least, then challenge them by asking them to re-arrange the groups so that they are all equal.



Blue and Purple- should be undertaken independently.

Red and Green-should be adult-led (explaining the tasks) but independently undertaken and written.

Yellow- should be adult-supported with objects and lots of explanations from adult.


Challenge: True or False ChallengeAll children should undertake the challenge task.