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This week we will looking at the story 'After the Storm' by Nick Butterworth.






Use this LINK to listen to the lovely story of ‘After the Storm’ by Nick Butterworth’ or read the story if you have it


Ask the children to use their knowledge of the story to orally sequence it.


Support them to use the following sequential words: First, Next, After that, Finally.


Discuss with your child what they liked and disliked about the story.

Note down what they say.

Look at the pictures and think about what the characters from the story might.


First let your children have a go at writing. Remember they may not be able to hear or write all sounds in each word but this is OK. They may even imitate the writing process. This activity is more about thinking about the story and the characters rather than the actual writing


You could write down what your child says.

If you could design a new house for Percy’s friends, what would it look like.

Draw a picture of their house.



Write signs for new animal homes Percy and his friends made in the tree. They could decorate their signs with Autumn patterns or pictures.


Support by helping your child to hear the sounds in the words, rather than writing and they copy. They may not be able to hear or write all sounds in each word but this is OK J



This week we are focusing on phonic spelling skills.


Encourage your children to say stretch out each word and listen carefully for the sounds.


If you have magnetic letters you could get your child to spell each word using these or they could have a go at writing each sound on their own.


See how many sounds your child can identify in each word.


If you want a challenge, you could write sentences for a couple of pictures  e.g. It is a fox.  It is jam.


Word Sheet

Sound Support Sheet