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This week we will be continuing to look at the story 'Don't Hog the Hedge'.

You can use the powerpoint to share the story with your child. Click on the picture below to access the story.






Use this PowerPoint to read the lovely story of ‘Don’t Hog the Hedge!’.


Ask the children to use their knowledge of the story to sequence it using the Don't Hog the Hedge! Story Sequencing Cards. Encourage your child to speak in full sentences.


Support them to use the following sequential words: First, Next, After that, Finally.


Discuss with your child what they liked and disliked about the story.

Note down what they say.

Listen to the alliterative names of the characters (Hattie, the hedgehog, Toby, the toad).


Can they think of another animal that begins with the same phoneme as their name.

e.g. Maise the Mouse, How many names can you think of?


Challenge your child to use their phonics to write their animal names. They could even draw a picture of their animal and write their name underneath.


They may not be able to hear or write all sounds in each word but this is OK J

Model writing an invitation from Hattie to her friends, inviting them all the stay with her during the winter.


What information does an invitation need?


Your child could then write their own invitations. Decorate, draw and write a little message.


Develop your children’s phonic skills with this Don't Hog the Hedge! Rhyming Activity PowerPoint.


Write signs for hibernating hedgehogs, such as, ‘Shh! Sleeping hedgehogs!’, or, ‘Quiet, please!’ They could decorate their signs with Autumn patterns or pictures.


Support by helping your child to hear the sounds in the words, rather than writing and they copy. They may not be able to hear or write all sounds in each word but this is OK J



This week we are focusing on blending/reading skills.


Encourage your children to say the sounds and blend them together to hear the words.


If you practise reading the captions remember to encourage your children to go back to the beginning and reread the caption after working out each word.


Match the sounds/words/captions to the right pictures:


Initial Sound Sheet 1

Initial Sound sheet 2

Reading three letter words

Reading captions

Downloadable Literacy Plan