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How to access Education City!

1) Click on the Education city logo (below) within the Learning Platforms section.

2) When you arrive at the following page, click on "England."

3) Now click on "LOG IN" in the top right hand corner of the page. (see below)

4) At this page enter your child's 'Pupil ID' and 'password' from their "CITY PASS".

5) When you get to the page below click on the green "ENTER" button.

6) You should now be logged in.  Your child's name should appear at the bottom of the page.  Now click on "HOMEWORK!"

7) You should now be able to see all the activities available to you to play.  (see example below)

 8) If you have any problems you can contact Education City direct (see their website) or Mr. Lamorte at