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L.O- I can talk about things in my life time

L.O- I can explore artefacts from the past.



Brainstorm what children already know about where they live and things in the home/local area. For example, discuss places in Hall Green such as library, post office Aldi etc…For home discuss objects in the house T.V. washing machine. Note these ideas down on IWB – Home learners make a list. (Print Brainstorm and stick in books) On tables, share images of hall Green in the past (print pics from the power point). Before explaining the pictures let children discuss what they see –


Purple Blue Green- Write down their initial thoughts. I think this the Hall Green post office.  (Home Learners view  the PowerPoint presentation_)

Red/ Yellow – discuss images as a group. Teacher / TA to note down children’s ideas on worksheet.

After initial discussion use the PowerPoint to talk about the pictures.


Now repeat the same process for the artefacts – Children to write down their initial thoughts then discus objects.  (Home Learners views the PowerPoint pictures on presentation_)



Discuss what the children discovered. What surprised them? How would they feel if they lived in the past and had to wash clothes using a wash board.

HA to write a sentence in their book about what surprised them . The image of the . . . because….

MA LA – Just to write the image/Artefact.