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Happy Kids Yoga

We have purchased a 6 week block of yoga videos for our children and families to use at home. Yoga is for everyone and teaches us important life skills. Yoga helps manage anxiety, improves emotional regulation, boosts self-esteem, increases body awareness and mindfulness, enhances memory and concentration, develops strength and flexibility, and it teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity. All of these key skills are more important than ever during these uncertain times. 

Each week this page will be updated with a video for EYFS, KS1 and a challenge video! There will also be five 5-minute time to chill videos which you can use each day for a quick brain break from your home learning or to help you if you feel like you need to take some time to relax and be calm. Please feel free to use all of the videos each week if you think your child is able to complete the poses safely. 

Yoga safety instructions:

- Children should be supervised by an adult throughout the yoga class. 

- Parents are responsible for the health and safety of children (and themselves throughout the class).

- Ensure there is enough space to practice yoga safely. 
- You do not need a yoga mat but a soft floor like a carpet is preferable. 


I hope you enjoy these weekly yoga videos and find they bring some peace, mindfulness and time to reflect each week!