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Optional Half Term Learning

Below are some optional activities to complete during half term.

Well done for working so hard on your home learning this half term. Your teachers are SO proud of you! Make sure you have a well deserved break.smiley

Part 1: Cress Heads 


To prepare us for our planting topic next half term we would like you to follow the instructions to make your own cress heads! This will form part of an investigation so make sure you make two! 


Use the images below for inspiration!


Part 2 - Plants light and dark science experiment


Now you have made your cress pots, we are going to do a science experiment. Go through the Powerpoint slides and then complete the worksheet. Make sure you take photo's of your experiment and send it to your teacher.  



Part 3:


Now use your cress to make a cress sandwich! What other ingredients  can you include in your sandwich? Was it delicious?