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Fine Motor Control Friday


Every Friday is Fine Motor Control Friday!


In Learning Adventure todayyou will be practising your fine motor control.



*Hold your pencil correctly using froggy fingers.

*Trace carefully over different lines and shapes.

*Careful cutting and gluing.

These fine motor control activities below are based on "What the Ladybird Heard" which is our theme for the week.

Why  not  make  your  own  What the Ladybird Heard  themed stick puppet.

Simply cut out a character of your choice and stick it to a lollipop stick using glue

Have a go at these What the Ladybird Heard themed  colouring sheets  below

There are several to choose from (you do not need to do them all!) you may if you wish.

Practise  your  pencil control by completing  these  What the Ladybird Heard  themed  fine motor control  sheets.