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In Maths today you are going to be learning all about WEIGHT. In this lesson we will use language such as HEAVY and LIGHT to COMPARE the weight of everyday objects. 

You are going to:

  • Identify heavier and lighter.
  • Use balances to say which objects are heavier and which are lighter.
  • Compare the weight of different objects.
  • Explore and compare the weight of different objects using balancing scales.




Is It Heavy or Light? | Jack Hartmann Measurement Song

Jack Hartmann's Heavy or Light teaches the measurement concept of heavy and light.Compare heavy things to light things in this heavy or light video. Build b...


Watch the video below to explore weight with Miss Molnar. 



Now its your turn...

Have a go the work sheet below. Cut out the pictures and sort them into heavy and light objects. 

Remember to stick your learning in your home learning book.