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Today we are practising the digraph oa



Revise the letter sounds using the powerpoint – CLICK HERE.

Remember to say each sound once and do the action.



Miss Oh No makes the oa sound. Say hello to Miss Oh No!




Miss Oh No makes the oa sound in words turn pink.

Use the oa PowerPoint to practise reading the words with your child. Encourage your child to use robot arms.

How many words can they remember? Can you write them down?


Watch the video ‘Going to Score Some Goals at Football’.

Going to Score Some Goals - YouTube

How many oa words can you spot?



Now practise reading more words.

Can they read the real and nonsense words below?



Now have a go at reading these sentences:


The big boat can float.

The toad can cross the road.

The goat is with the sheep.


Read this sentence to your child. Can they use their phonics to write it. Remember to use finger spaces and a full stop.


She had a red coat.