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Expressive Arts and Design

Children's creative development involves them exploring and learning about how to express themselves through art, design, music, dance and role-play. Children experiment with a range of media for many different purposes and are encouraged to use their imagination to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings. They talk about their responses to music and art using all their senses and use drama to recreate roles, look at possibilities and problem-solve.

Arts Week 2018

This year the theme of Arts week is ‘Colour, Light and Pattern’. The influences from Bonfire/firework night and Diwali will be the focus for the week and by the end of the week each class will have produced a quality piece of art. To run alongside the main focused task will be planned activities which are skills led which will contribute to the production of the final piece.


Reception mono printing


Nursery mixed media firework pictures

Reception joining in with music

Arts Week 2017 in Foundation Stage
Autumn first half term 2016
Arts week 2015