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Previously by Allan Ahlberg


Look at the story map you created yesterday. Read it in reverse order, from the end to the beginning. Every time you retell a sequence of the story, start with ‘Previously’.

Go through the Powerpoint and retell the events of the story: beginning and some of the middle only (as you will do the rest tomorrow), using the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ Powerpoint: Running with the hen-stole the hen and climbed down the beanstalk, running out of the giant’s house-hiding in the giant shoe-climing up the beanstalk-sold the cow for magic beans-mum sent him to sell the cow because they were poor-playing football-arguing with his sister and tumbling down the hill.


Writing Task: Recount the story in ‘Previously’ style: ook at the pictures and write sentences for each sequence of the story. Don’t forget to use Allan Ahlberg’s addition to the story. Write the beginning and some of the middle. Use the 'What a good one looks like' document to help you with your sentences.