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Parent to read the book spreads 1 and 2 (the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story). See powerpoint for the book. Alternatively, listen to the book and stop at minute 0:47.


Learning activities:

Allan Ahlberg loved to rewrite traditional tales/stories. Which story do you think he is rewriting here?

What do you notice about the story (it’s retold backwards, from the end to the beginning).

What does ‘previously’ mean? (it refers to events which happened before, synonyms are prior to, before ). For example: Previously to coming to school, I had breakfast and walked to school.

In pairs/parent/child, can you complete the ‘Previously’ sentences (see powerpoint slide).

Discuss the story of Goldilocks (children should be familiar with it).

Go through the Goldilocks story powerpoint backwards, start at the end and read through, ask children to rephrase the story by starting each sequence with ‘Previously’.

Independent activity: sequence the story and write sentences (see worksheets).