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Ask your child if they know what a postcard is . Explain what a postcard is and why people send them (click on the lint to see a good example of a postcard).  Explain to your child that today they are going to write a postcard to Amir from Lubna. They are going to be the character Lubna. Lubna is going to tell Amir what she is doing now. The purpose of this activity is so that your child can gain an insight into what the character could be doing now and make assumptions. Ask your child:

What could Lubna being doing now? 

Does the book tell us what happens after she  

leaves the camp? 

Is she at school? 

Is she happy?  

Where could she have gone?  

Has she got a new pebble?  

Has she made any friends?  

What is her Dad doing?  


Post card example 

Dear Amir, 

I live in a house and I have my own  bedroom. I now go to school because  I want to learn. I have made lots of  new friends and I have a new pebble.  I hope you are happy? 

Love, Lubna



HA/MA – Write a postcard 

LA – Draw a picture of something Lubna could be doing now. Write a caption for the picture.