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Download the worksheet for child’s ability.  Look at the image of Lubna and Amir meeting for the first time with empty speech bubbles. Explain to your child that they are going to imagin they are the characters and write a sentence what each character might say.   First role play this scene. Take it in turns to be Lubna and Amir. What could Lubna say? What is Amir going to say?  

For example:

Lubna may say: I will be your friend. What is your name? 

Amir may respond: Thank you I was feeling all alone. My name is Amir.  


HA – Write in speech bubbles when Lubna and Amir met. Write in speech bubbles when Lubna tells Amir she is leaving. 

MA / LA - Write in speech bubbles when Lubna and Amir met.