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Look at the picture of Amir (open the worksheet underneath). Discuss his character before he met Lubna. Think of words that best describe his feelings: upset, afraid, lonely, ill, scared, unsure.  

Now look at the picture of Amir with Lubna.  Think of  words that best describe his feelings now: positive, happy, content, smiling. Try not use words such as 'sad' or 'happy'. Encourage children to use different synonyms for sad and happy. If needed tell children new synonyms and explain meaning.

Print worksheet which is best suited to your child’s ability.



HA – Complete the feelings table comparing Amir before and after he met Lubna . Then write a comparison sentence. For example: Amir was scared when he came to the beach. He became friends with Lubna and he was joyful.

MA – Complete the feelings table comparing Amir before and after he met Lubna.

LA – Show the two images of Amir. Children to draw a smiley face or sad face to show how he was feeling. Ask your child to explain words best describe Amir before he met Lubna. Parent/guardian can write these down or your child can do this. Repeat the same process for when Amir became friends with Lubna. Encourage sounding out letters when saying the word.