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Revisit the story using the link provided.  Explain to your child that they are going to pretend to be the character Lubna. This is called role playing. You (the parent/guardian) are going to ask them questions and your child is going to provide an answer. The purpose of this activity is so that your child understands the character and can elicit emotions and feelings.   


Example questions to ask. The questioning will help the understanding of the story and give you opportunities to explain story.  Select the questions best suited to your child’s ability. 

Why was the pebble your best friend?  

Why did you arrive at the beach at night? Were you on holiday?  

How did you feel sleeping in daddy’s arms?  

Why did you clutch daddys hand grip the pebble when you saw all the tents?  

Why did you say “hello pebble”?  

What things did you tell pebble?  

How long were you at the beach for?   

Why did you put Lubna in a box?  

Why do you think Amir did not talk at the start?  

How did you feel having a real friend to play with?   

How did you feel when daddy said its time to leave we have found a new home?  

Why could you not sleep?  

What made you give the pebble and the shoe box to Amir before you left to your new home?