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L.O – To be able to  predict the events in a story.

Explore the illustration on the front cover and the title of the story. Engage the children in book talk and discuss what they think the story is about.

What do you notice in this picture? Is there anything you like about it? Why? Why not? Is there anything that you dislike? Why?  Does it remind you of anything? Does anything puzzle you? What kind of story do you think this will be? What can you say about the characters? What would you like to find out? 

Record responses around a copy of the illustration and place on the working wall.


In pairs children to make a prediction what they think the story is about. What events do they think will happen? Model, I predict the story is about…take in ideas. Show modelled write of a prediction. Focus on a problem that could happen in the story.


Children to complete the activity and then read the book to the children. Note read the book again at the end of the day.


Viviane Schwarz reads HOW TO FIND GOLD - Bing video




Have image of front cover and children to annotate during class discussion.

Write a prediction about the events in the story.  


G – Write a prediction with support 


R – Label front cover what they can see. Write a sentence. On the front cover there is a map. The green crocodile is holding a map.


Y – Label images on the story. Provide a word bank.  


SEN – CVC word writing.