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L.O - To be able to research information about a famous scientist.


Show a picture of Mae. Ask children the questions attached to the picture. Group discussion.


Introduce Learning objective and introduce Mae Jemison. Discuss who she is, why she is important and her achievements. Go through her fact file. Discuss any language not understood by children.


Move on to questions that children would like to know about Mae. Show how we use the fact file to do this. Write down answers to questions.


Plenary – Play the hot seating game. Use the questions the children have written to complete the activity.


Keep factsheets for next lesson.


Purple / Blue


Use the fact sheet to write three questions along with answers to ask Mae Jemison



Use the fact sheet to write answers to 3 given questions. You may wish to provide your green group with Purple and Blue fact sheet according to ability. . EXT create a question you would ask.


Red – Work with Teacher to use fact sheet to answer 2 questions about Mae. EXT create a question you would ask.


Yellow SEN –. Produce a collage of the achievements of Mae Jemison. Cut out the correct pictures of what Mae achieved.


SEN - Cut and stick space rocket