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The children at Hall Green Infant and Nursery School are always busy working hard.  They love reading books, hearing stories and they love writing stories too.  Over the last year or so the children have begun to make e-books.  They have re-told traditional tales, created stories of their own and even created dances to accompany their stories. They have also begun to make non-fiction books, covering all area of the curriculum. Have a look at the books below and see what you think.  We are very proud of our ebooks, so we hope you enjoy reading them, hearing them and even seeing us perform! 


Some of the books will take longer than others to download, so please be patient, we promise it will be well worth the wait!!


The e-books have been created in Active Primary and can be viewed using the FREE 'ActivInspire' sfftware.  You can download a small file to view e-books in both formats by following the 'Downloadable software' link below!