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Autumn 1

Half term phonics homework (for children needing phonic support) Choose your mosaic activity

Half Term Homework Set 25.10.19 Due 08.11.19. maths. Work through the clues to solve the problem!

Half Term Homework Set 25.10.19 Due 08.11.19. Reading Comprehension - Choose your level of challenge

Maths homework Set 18.10.19 Due 25.10.19

phonics homework

Reading homework set 11.10.19 Due 18.10.19 - Please read the text and choose the level of questions you can answer. Answers can be handwritten on paper and returned. If children are finding the reading difficult perhaps read it together and discuss the answers.

Maths homework 27.09.19 Due 04.09.19 Page 2 - group 5, Page 3 - group 4 and 3, Page 4 - group 2 and 1

Extra phonics support homework - Does not need handing in

Homework set 20.09.19 due 27.09.19

Maths Homework set 13.09.19 due 20.09.19