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Assertiveness Project

The basic premise of this initiative is to empower the children to try and solve problems for themselves.  We encourage the children to tell a member of staff if someone has upset them or if they have a problem, but before they do this we like them to have a go at being assertive and solve the problem for themselves.  Each year we run a competition where the children and staff think up a short phrase or rhyme that the children can use when problems arise!  The children then design posters to advertise the initiative.  The children choose the best ones and they are displayed around school and for the second time this year we have used the winning designs as the backdrop on all computer screens in school. 

This year the children are being encouraged to use the phrase,


"Let's not fight, make it right"


The children are still encouraged to speak to staff if this doesnt solve the problem.  We find that it is a very successful initiative, with many parents commenting that children have used the phrase with friends, family and even the neighbours!!!