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Animal Homes Activity

In the story 'After the Storm' Percy the Park Keeper helps his woodland friends build new homes after the storm destroyed their homes.


Talk to the children about the animals’ homes... where the animals live and how they make their homes e.g. burrowing underground, in leaves and soil, spinning webs, weaving sticks together etc.


You are going to help the animals building then new homes! 

Have a look at the PowerPoint below and discuss what these animals need from their house e.g. shelter and warmth, and what the children could use to make the houses.


Collect different materials they can use: sticks, twigs, leaves, string, boxes, construction.


Discuss the children’s ideas about how to make their house, what they might need, how to join the materials together, what size it needs to be and where to build it.


Support the group to fix, attach and create shapes to make their mini-house for their chosen creatures.


Discuss ways to make the houses more waterproof e.g. by covering in a plastic sheet or bag.


Support the children to create their houses and to take a photo of their finished model.